soe.hoe | no’om | no’mi Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

I did this a few months back, but have just got the time to update my blog with it… This was a memorable and fun shoot to do, as it involved an island, a boat ride, beaches, deserted place, hot models and talented team. We took a 30 minutes unforgettable boat ride to an island from a fish market hahahaha… and when we arrived in the island there were loadssss and when i said loadssss it means thousandsssss of what seems to be sea-cocroaches hahahaha… well we were disgusted but went on with the photoshoot anyway…

So here are the result of the soe.hoe | no’om | no’mi Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign Photoshoot, Enjoy;


Par, Aidy Goena

Model, Markus Gyarmati & Mariana

Stylist, Soetjipto Hoeijaja

Make Up Artist, Tania Ledezma

Assistant Photographer, Andro




About Aidy Goena

Beauty and Fashion Photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia For enquiries and bookings, please send an email to:

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